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The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe
  • The World at War: Europe

The World at War: Europe

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The World at War: Europe represents World War II in the European Theater of Operations.

The World at War: Europe presents a novel game system in which the main engine of the game will be the actions available to each player distributed among the various powers assigned to their side.

The game is of medium complexity and covers many of the most interesting aspects of the conflict such as the Blitzkrieg, diplomatic pacts (historical and those that could have been), strategic warfare, industry improvements, technological advances, etc...

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In The World at War: Europe the player will arrange the forces of the various nations on the board represented by wooden cubes. No combat units are represented with cardboard tokens, nor are ratio calculations required using the usual combat factors of different units, common in more traditional "Hex & counter" games.

The only tokens present on the map are Air Fleets, fortifications, and other markers used for research, resources, diplomacy, convoys, etc…

The World at War: Europe map is divided into areas and sea zones. Unit movement takes place in those areas. Land units are represented by the wooden cubes and are more or less equivalent to Army Corps or armies depending on the country. Naval fleets are represented by wooden disks and air fleets are represented by circular tokens.

All countries on the map can go to war with the exception of Switzerland and Sweden. The Major Powers (Germany, Italy, the USSR, the United States, the United Kingdom and France) and minor powers that can go to war on one side or the other are represented, here diplomatic actions can change History.

Most of the game's mechanics focus on actions available to the Great Powers. The amount of actions available will vary during the game. The number of actions a Great Power has represents its ability to conduct offensives, build armies, and research technology or industry.

We will use the dice to solve many of the actions that are presented to us during the game.

Other aspects of the game to highlight are the Diplomacy and the events that add many options to the game and allow each game to be different.

The rules are not long and are easy to understand, which makes the game a good option for less experienced players, but at the same time interesting for more veterans.

General information:

Players: 1 to 3
Historical period: World War II
Complexity: Medium
Solitaire playability: Medium (there are no specific solitaire rules)
Language: English (Rulebook, Playbook and Player Aid sheets also available in Spanish for pdf download). Major powers boards and specific counters are also translated to Spanish in the printed game, as well as the Player Aids
Time scale: 1 turn =  3 months
Units scale: Army, Corps and Fleets
Recommended Age: 14+

Game components:

1 Mounted mapboard 610x610mm. Click here to see the map
1 Rules document with 24 pages
1 Playbook document with 24 pages
2 Double sided Player Aid sheets (Enlglish and Spanish)
More than 200 counters in 2 and a half cardboard sheets
More than 200 wooden cubes
6 Great Powers hard cardboard sheets
6 six sided dice and one ten sided die



Design: Gonzalo Santacruz
Graphic design: Gonzalo y Lidia Santacruz


Explicative video in Mesadeguerra (Part 1 in Spanish): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg7DDNN2Ilw

Playbook: The World at War: Europe - Playbook v2.0 English

Rules: The World at War: Europe - Rulebook v2.0 English

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