About us

Our past:

Headquarter S.L. was created in November 2013, but took its first steps in May 2012.

What initially started out as a mod based on Ageod's pc title 'Revolution Under Siege' eventually ended up as a standalone game called 'Spain: 1936'.

In September 2015 we released our second Ageod powered PC title 'The Thirty Years War' and in May 2017 our third Ageod title 'The English Civil War'.

In the summer of 2019 we published our fourth title, 'Battles For Spain' with a new engine, this time from Avalon Digital.

In June 2020, 'Libertad o Muerte!' a game about the Latin American Wars of Independence.

Our present:

Since 2019 we have opened a new section in the company, board games. In this line we work on several interesting projects, we adapted two White Dog Games titles into Spanish, 'The Mission' and 'N: The Napoleonic Wars'.

During the summer of 2021 we funded 'The World at War:Europe' on the Kickstarter platform.

White Dog Games brand projects are promoted and published thanks to the P150 pre-order program that we put in place. In the first place, 'The Mission' is financed, which is finally published in March 2022. Other titles already mentioned are available in that same program, such as 'N: The Napoleonic Wars' or others such as "Thatcher's War: the Malvinas 1982 ' or 'Philippines: 1896-1898'.

Our goal is to continue creating unique historical games that players like as much as we do.

Our future:

For a more distant future there are plans yet to be defined, perhaps a new version of Spain: 1936, perhaps a title about the First World War, and we have even more ideas in the pipeline. Stay in touch and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We appreciate your support!

Contact: support@hqwargames.com

HEADQUARTER is founded by Miguel and Gonzalo Santacruz.